Dashcam Software Overview

The SmartWitness KP1 has one major feature which sets it apart from the competition – the online vehicle tracking portal SmartView. With the KP1 on-board, a vehicle can be tracked in real time, and has every incident logged and recorded within SmartView. A number of vehicles can be added to provide real-time statistics, location and incident information for your entire fleet. This is functionality which can prove invaluable when running a number of vehicles.

Upon logging into SmartView you are presented with a number of statistics right off the bat. Which vehicles are parked, idle or moving, a map with locations for each and incident reports are all there on page one. When clicked, each of the incident reports will give a detailed outline of each incident, when it occurred, where it occurred and the speed the vehicle was driving at the time.


The events page is where the system goes into real detail in terms of incidents. All vehicle incidents are listed on the left-hand side, and clicking on a particular incident will reveal all of the statistics surrounding the incident, as well as a video clip so you can see exactly what took place. Each of these incidents can be dismissed, or stored for further investigation. Incidents can be listed by the day, week or month, allowing you to work through each at your discretion.


Media manager, similarly to events, lists all the various video clips which have been gathered by the system. You can define which vehicle’s content you would like to view, as well as being able to specify a date range for the content you want to view. This is handy for looking at previous incidents and tying them down to a specific date and time.


The maps page is a more detailed version of the map we saw on the opening page. As with the other sections, vehicles can be sorted by incidents, with each detailed on the left-hand side. Upon selecting an incident or vehicle, the relevant information and video footage is show in a pop-up window. Maps offers another way of browsing the data, as well as showing you the locations of your drivers in real-time.  

The reports section allows you to browse all of the various telematics data in whatever fashion you’d like to view it. Reports are viewable in the following configurations: Summary, Detailed, Currently Idle, Graphs, Overdue maintenance, Location history and Driver Report. Between these options you can breakdown all of the statistics regarding your fleet quickly and easily. There is also a settings section where you can configure each vehicle, driver and device specifically.

From a fleet management perspective, the insight provided by SmartView is hugely beneficial. Between the real-time statistics and the incident reports, a whole range of advantages suddenly present themselves. In the event of an incident, you are immediately aware of exactly what has taken place, and can begin the process of making an appropriate claim straight away. Insurers can be presented with video evidence in the immediate aftermath of an incident, and this makes the process of validifying a claim extremely rapid. The evidence is also clear for everyone to see, so should an incident lead to an appearance in court, you are well covered. For more information and to get a free no-obligation quotation to safeguard your fleet with SmartView, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01952 505 696.

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