Wiring Instruction for HD-SDI Kits

Here is how to wire up our HD-SDI Kits.

In a HD-SDI Kit you will receive the following items:

DVR - This will be a 4 or 8 channel recorder, with internally fitted hard drive. It comes with its own power supply.

Cameras - as many cameras as ordered

Cables - one cable per camera - 20 metres in length

Camera Power Supply - either one power supply per camera, or one shared power supply with power splitter cable.

If you order a kit with more than 3 cameras you will receive a shared power supply and power splitter cable for every 4 cameras ordered, for example if you order an 8 camera kit you will receive 2 shared power supplies and splitter cable.

1. DVR - Use the power supply in the DVR box to power the DVR, connect a HDMI cable or VGA cable to a monitor or TV and switch on, you should see the IQCCTV Logo followed by a split screen images with no cameras showing yet.

2. Cameras - The camera has 3 coloured connectors, shown on the left of the image below.

Green - This is the HD-SDI connector

Red - This is the power the camera

Yellow - this is unused for this system, it is a non-HD connector typically used by installers with battery powered monitors to view the image while up a ladder for focussing and positioning cameras. 

3 - Connect the 20 metre cable as shown above

NOTE: Ensure you have the cable the correct way around, the red power connector will not fit if the cable is reversed.

Camera Green connector connects to Yellow cable connector

Camera Red Connector connects to Red cable connector

White cable connector is unused

Yellow camera connector is unused

4 - Connect the other end of the 20 metre cable as below

Yellow cable connector connects to Video In 1 of DVR

Red cable connector connects to Power Splitter Cable

5 - Connect Power Splitter Cable socket to the Camera Power Supply

Repeat Steps 2 to 4 for every camera in the system, 4 cameras per power supply/splitter set.

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