Using UTC - Up The Coax - Remotely adjust camera settings

The new range of AHD1080P DVRs from Xvision includes a rather cool feature called UTC, which stands for Up The Coax.

UTC allows you to display and make changes to the on-screen menu that the camera has built into it to allow settings changes to be made.

XHR1080D16 - 16 channel AHD DVR

Up to now the only way to make changes was to press the little rubber joystick that is located on the short piece of cable attached to the camera. This works fine but is very inconvenient to use because where the camera is typically mounted is not easily reachable, and in most cases it is not in sight of a viewing screen, this obviously makes seeing what changes you have made very difficult.

Professional CCTV installers will often have a small portable test monitor they take up the ladder and connect direct to the camera and make adjustments.

UTC lets you bring up and navigate the cameras on-screen menu using the DVRs on screen menu.

The video linked below shows how to set up the cameras for UTC use, the how get to the camera menu up and finally how to navigate the menu.

A separate UTC controller is available if remote use is required.