Updating the Firmware: XRN1609, XRN2016 and XRN3625

This video shows how to carry out a firmware upgrade on Xvisions XRN1609, XRN2016 and XRN3625.

Please return the NVR to HDCCTV if you are not happy to do the upgrade yourself, we will happily do it for you.

See THIS VIDEO for the XRN0808E

The NVR has UPnP for auto port forwarding but if you do not have this function the ports you would need to open with the new firmware are:

Port 80

Port 5050

Port 5051

Port 5052

Port 5053

Port 5054

Port 1935

Port 843

2 thoughts on “Updating the Firmware: XRN1609, XRN2016 and XRN3625”

  • Tim Coward

    Please can you tell me where I download the latest firmware for Xvision XRN3625, Thanks Tim.

    • Gary Powell

      Good afternoon
      You will need to visit support.y3k.com and raise a ticket , they maybe able to help , we no longer have any firmware updates availble for this NVR

      Hope this helps

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