• Picture size & pixels explained

    There are quite a few explanations on the web that explain picture size and pixels, here is my interpretation I hope you find it useful. For this explanation I will be referring to the recorded images and not live images from cameras as it is the recording we rely on...
  • Can IP cameras be seen by anyone?

    We have had a few calls asking if IP cameras can be viewed by anyone as some news reports have stated. The reason stated on the news reports is customers are not changing the passwords from the factory set ones so anyone with the same equipment will know the password...
  • Setting Up IP Cameras - A video guide

    Setting up an IP camera can be quite tricky for some people who are not experienced with computer networks.    This video guide will show you step by step how to get your Xvision IP camera set up and working.  
  • New Home Office code of practice for CCTV comes into force

    The new code of practice for CCTV has come into force today (12/8/2013) for Local Authority Cameras and does not effect private users. However most of the points are valid. For a comprehensive read of what the Government expects from CCTV we have put a link.
  • What is ONVIF?

    ONVIF is a global standard being implemented for IP cameras. Since the birth of IP cameras and systems each manufacture has their own way of communicating which was not compatible with other manufacturers. This is a problem if you want to mix equipment. I think the reason IP camera sales...
  • A quick video on how to fit a twist on BNC connector

    There are a few ways to do this but I find this works well for me.
  • Wiring RJ45 Network Cabling for use with IP CCTV Equipment

    Is it paramount that the correct colour sequence is used when wiring RJ45 cabling for use with IP Network CCTV equipment, this wiring sequence is known as T-568B. IP CCTV EQUIPMENT WILL NOT WORK IF THIS COLOUR CODE IS NOT FOLLOWED!! The Correct Sequence is as follows:- PIN 1 - ORANGE/WHITE...

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