NVR - Setting Up, Adding Cameras, Camera Set up, Schedule Recording & Motion Detection - HOW TO!

The video below shows you how to use our XVISION XRN Network Video Recorders.

The video applies to the following models: -

XRN0808E, XRN1609, XRN2016, XRN3625

1. What is your Routers IP Address?    0:13
2. What IP Address can you use?       1:30
3. How to use the Wizard Setup function.see below *1      3:55
4. How to add IP cameras - Auto IP Configuration       5:25
5. How to Add IP Cameras - Manual. see below *2      6:22
6: Set up Record Schedule     10:52
7. Set up Motion Detection     13:38

*1 The first time you use the NVR you will have to log in, the default log in username is admin, leave the password field blank.

*2 Use the Manual function for Non-Xvision IP cameras. This equipment will work with any ONVIF compatible IP camera

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