Compare 960H to AHD to IP 1080 - Real world tests.

Last week we received stock of our new AHD 720 range of equipment, this is the first generation of equipment from a new CCTV format.
AHD stands for Analog High Definition.
The image AHD 720 gives is 1280 x 720 pixels, or 720P as it is known.

So we decided to put it through its paces in the real world by making some test shots using our mobile cctv unit.

We also rigged up a 960H camera and a HD-IP 1080P camera at the same time to give the same shot so we (and you good readers!) could compare them side-by side.

The video we made using these shots can be found at the bottom of this article, but first lets have a look at some still images taken from the video, they clearly show the actual difference between each CCTV system.

(NOTE: You can click on the pictures themselves to show them in actual size, use your browser back button to come back here)

The camera on the left is the 960H camera, in the centre is AHD 720 and the HD-IP 1080P image is on the right.

Triple Silver Car

As you can see the AHD is a huge improvement on 960H quality images, and IP is an improvement on AHD quality.

Triple ShopperHere we can see some shoppers, the 960H image is very poor, AHD is better, IP is much better.


Now lets see actual pixels, first is a 960H snapshot, look at the taxi on the right, you cannot see the taxi company name


Now you can see the taxi is from Go Carz using the AHD camera


With the HD-IP camera you also even read the taxi number (click picture to zoom)IPTaxi

We think that the AHD equipment is perfect for customers that want a good quality cctv system that captures clear 720P resolution images all at a great price, and for the more discerning customer who simply must have the best image quality that is available, HD-IP is the best choice.

Here is the original video from where these snapshots were taken, please watch it in 1080P HD full screen



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