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  • How to add Xvision Megapixel IP Cameras to Hikvision / HiWatch NVRs

    This video demonstrates how to add Xvision Megapixel IP Cameras to a Hikvision or HiWatch NVR. The step by step guide shows how to change the cameras settings to suit the NVR. To make the changes you will need a windows computer with Internet Explorer installed and a power source...
  • Compare 2, 5 and 8 Megapixel CCTV Cameras

    This video shows real world differences between HD CCTV cameras from our 2 megapixel, 5 megapixel and 8 megapixel IP cameras. We set up three cameras on a piece of board, set them to all the same settings and recorded all three on our 4 channel NVR. The video shows...
  • ANPR Camera Demo

    Demo of our new ANPR camera - Coming soon.
  • CCTV Resolutions

    The resolution of CCTV cameras and recorders is always increasing The image becomes clearer with more pixels, pixels are the little dots that make up an image Modern equipment is measured in Megapixels, or Million Pixels. The amount of megapixels is measured by multiplying the image width with the height...
  • Photo Capture Function and Time-Lapse Photos with our DVR & NVRs

    This video shows how to use the DVR to take snapshots using the Photo Capture function and also how to use our DVRs and NVRs to take time-lapse photographs. Notes: When using PhotoCapture for motion capture, the camera must be already set up to give motion triggers, see this video...
  • How to Update DVR and NVR firmware

    This video shows how to update our DVR and NVRs firmware via USB memory stick.   The video applies to our IQCCTV DVRs IQR1080D4H, IQR1080D8H, IQR1080D16H and Xvisions XHR1080D4H, XHR1080D8H, XHR1080D16H as well as our 4 Megapixel NVRs X2R4N, X2R8N, X2R16N, X2R32EN and X2R32N models only.  
  • How to remotely zoom and focus motorised IP cameras and how to remotely move PTZ cameras

    Many of our IP cameras now have motorised lenses to allow the installer and operator of the cctv system to zoom in and out when a closer view is required. We also sell PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras which are fully motorised cameras that are able to move left/right/up and...
  • Understanding Camera Functions BLC, AE, AWB & AGC

    BLC Function (Back Light Compensation) The BLC (Back Light Compensation) function makes objects in front of a bright scene (such as a window on a bright sunny day) clearer to see by increasing their brightness and making the background darker. To turn on the BLC function flick the DIP switch...
  • X2C CCTV Camera Firmware update

    If you find you are having issue's with the Auto Focus on any of the Motorized Zoom 4 Mega Pixel camera X2C4000VMP, VMT, or BMP Firstly try installing this Firmware patch LINK If this doe not resolve the issue please contact us on 01952 505696 for further assistance
  • AHD Camera OSD Guides

    Here is a link to the IQC Camera OSD Guide CLICK HERE Here is a link to the XHC Camera OSD Guide CLICK HERE

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