Monthly Archives: February 2015

  • Updating the Firmware: XRN1609, XRN2016 and XRN3625

    This video shows how to carry out a firmware upgrade on Xvisions XRN1609, XRN2016 and XRN3625. Please return the NVR to HDCCTV if you are not happy to do the upgrade yourself, we will happily do it for you. See THIS VIDEO for the XRN0808E The NVR has UPnP for...
  • Homeplugs - How they are used to connect up an easy wire free HD CCTV system

    This video shows how Homeplugs work and how they can be used to connect a HD CCTV system without running wires around the building. Our page "why No Wi-Fi" explains why we do not recommend WiFi for CCTV camera use.
  • Adding HD-IP Cameras to the Xvision PC Software

    This video shows how to add your NVR or IP cameras to the PC software supplied with our HD-IP Equipment. This applies to the following models.. Cameras - Any of the XC model cameras (XC1080BP, XC1080VVP etc) NVRs - Any of the XRN range of Network Video Recorder (XRN0808E, XRN1609...

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