Monthly Archives: April 2014

  • IP CAMERAS - How to get them working, a video guide

    The video below runs through the steps required to get your shiny new HD-IP CCTV camera working so you can see it on your web browser.  We begin with showing you how to connect everything together, including a single camera and a 4 camera set up using POE (Power Over...
  • NVR - Setting Up, Adding Cameras, Camera Set up, Schedule Recording & Motion Detection - HOW TO!

    The video below shows you how to use our XVISION XRN Network Video Recorders. The video applies to the following models: - XRN0808E, XRN1609, XRN2016, XRN3625 Section                                              ...
  • RTSP String for XC HD-IP Cameras

    Here is the RTSP string for our XC Range of HD-IP CCTV Cameras For main stream use. rtsp://xx.xx.xx.xx:554/ch01.264? For sub stream use. rtsp://xx.xx.xx.xx:554/ch01_sub.264?

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