High Definition CCTV & Security Alarms

  • Video Doorbell Door Entry System

    The video below showcases our latest product, this is a wireless battery powered camera and monitor for the front door, it is a stand alone system to view and record any callers to your door and allows 2 way speech between the doorbell and the monitor.

    It is ideal for the elderly or in fact for anyone who likes to know "who's there" without having to open the door, sometimes you just don't want to answer the door.

    This system will let you see who's there from the comfort of your armchair.

    It has 2 way speech to allow you to talk to the caller

    The doorbell can be wired to an electronic lock for complete door access control via the monitor.

    Please watch the video below to see more details.


  • Intelligent Detection Functions & SD Card Recording - 4 Megapixel Cameras

    New Intelligent detection functions have recently been added to some models of Xvision 4 Megapixel IP Cameras.

    The video below applies to the following camera models X2C4000DVP, X2C4000MP, X2C4000VMP and X2C4000VMT

    These features will soon be added to the Xvision NVR's via a firmware update.

    Check out our video showing how the features work.


  • RTSP Stream info for HDCCTV HD-IP Cameras and NVRS

    Please use the following strings for Network Cameras/DVRs/NVRs


    Main Stream

    Sub Stream

    X2RxxxN / XHR1080DxxH (and IQR1080DxxH)

    Main Stream

    Sub Stream

    To access the NVR/DVR channels use ch00 for channel 1, ch01 for channel 2, etc.

    XC720/1080 IP Cameras

    Main Stream
    Sub Stream

    Also you can try

    Main Stream
    Sub Stream

    You can switch the IP camera from H.264 to MJPEG, then the RTSP link rtsp:// can give MJPEG RTSP stream.

    X/XP720/1080 IP Cameras

    Main Stream

    Sub Stream

    If you have any issues or require further clarification please contact Technical Support.
  • User Manuals for XC / X2C Range of CCTV Camera Inc Search Tools

    Please click on the below links for the User Manual's

    XC Camera Browser Operating Manual 

    XC Camera Quick Set up Guide 

    X2C Range User Manual Download 

    Please click on the Below links for the Search Tool's

    XC Range CCTV Camera Search Tool 

    X2C Range CCTV Camera Search Tool
  • Smart-I Downloads

    Smart-I is an award winning home security alarm & CCTV system, connected via your smartphone


    Here are links to Smart-I Catalogues, manuals and helpful guides




  • How to Save & Recall Preset Positions - IP PTZ & DVRs & NVRs

    The video below shows how to add preset positions and recall them using our IP PTZ cameras with our DVRs and NVRs

  • How to add the XC1080CW Wireless Camera to your Wi-Fi

    The Xvision XC1080CW is a Wi-FI camera, before it can be used it must be set up.

    The video below describes the process in detail

    You will need a PC computer, an ethernet network cable and a camera power supply or POE power source.

    HERE is the download link to the Device IP Search Tool mentioned in the video below



  • What to do if your TV won't show an image from your DVR/NVR

    If you are unable to see an image from your DVR or NVR when plugged into a TV it is most likely to be a compatibility problem.

    The DVRs and NVRs come out of the factory preset to a quite low resolution 1280 x 1024 pixel resolution that some modern TV’s cannot display, it is too low for them.

    Note: We have requested the manufacturers set them to 720P

    The way to get it working is to temporarily plug the DVR/NVR into a PC computer monitor and change the display resolution to a more suitable setting then it can be plugged into your TV and it will work fine.IMG_6897

    Computer monitors can display lower resolutions and usually have a 15 pin VGA cable, you can leave both VGA and HDMI connected at once.

    The best setting is one that exactly matches your TVs resolution, in many cases this will be 1920x1080 (1080p), or if the TV is older 1280 x 720 (720P) will work.

    To change the display setting go to the MAIN MENU and select DISPLAY - OUTPUT, the VGA/HDMI Resolution option allows you to choose the best option, click save when completed and the DVR/NVR will reboot.

    IMPORTANT: When the DVR/NVR reboots you have 5 seconds to click OK on the message or it will revert back to the previous setting and you will have to re-do the changes. If the resolution you set is not compatible simply wait and the DVR/NVR will reset itself and reboot.

    DVR Resolution

  • Surveillance Camera Commissioner webinar for small businesses

    Find out all the legal requirements for the use of CCTV in small business from the government. This does not apply to domestic CCTV but some great guidelines to consider.

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