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    Smart-I is an award winning home security alarm & CCTV system, connected via your smartphone


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  • How to Save & Recall Preset Positions - IP PTZ & DVRs & NVRs

    The video below shows how to add preset positions and recall them using our IP PTZ cameras with our DVRs and NVRs

  • How to add the XC1080CW Wireless Camera to your Wi-Fi

    The Xvision XC1080CW is a Wi-FI camera, before it can be used it must be set up.

    The video below describes the process in detail

    You will need a PC computer, an ethernet network cable and a camera power supply or POE power source.

    HERE is the download link to the Device IP Search Tool mentioned in the video below



  • What to do if your TV won't show an image from your DVR/NVR

    If you are unable to see an image from your DVR or NVR when plugged into a TV it is most likely to be a compatibility problem.

    The DVRs and NVRs come out of the factory preset to a quite low resolution 1280 x 1024 pixel resolution that some modern TV’s cannot display, it is too low for them.

    Note: We have requested the manufacturers set them to 720P

    The way to get it working is to temporarily plug the DVR/NVR into a PC computer monitor and change the display resolution to a more suitable setting then it can be plugged into your TV and it will work fine.IMG_6897

    Computer monitors can display lower resolutions and usually have a 15 pin VGA cable, you can leave both VGA and HDMI connected at once.

    The best setting is one that exactly matches your TVs resolution, in many cases this will be 1920x1080 (1080p), or if the TV is older 1280 x 720 (720P) will work.

    To change the display setting go to the MAIN MENU and select DISPLAY - OUTPUT, the VGA/HDMI Resolution option allows you to choose the best option, click save when completed and the DVR/NVR will reboot.

    IMPORTANT: When the DVR/NVR reboots you have 5 seconds to click OK on the message or it will revert back to the previous setting and you will have to re-do the changes. If the resolution you set is not compatible simply wait and the DVR/NVR will reset itself and reboot.

    DVR Resolution

  • Surveillance Camera Commissioner webinar for small businesses

    Find out all the legal requirements for the use of CCTV in small business from the government. This does not apply to domestic CCTV but some great guidelines to consider.

  • Motion, Email Notifications & Dropbox Off-Site Snapshots

    The video below explains how to set up the current range of Xvision 4 Megapixel NVRs and new 4K Ready AHD/IP Hybrid DVRs to send out email notifications of motion activity as well as how to send motion or timed snapshot images to an off-site Dropbox account.

  • How to Add IP Cameras to our NVRs

    Below is our video to help you to add IP cameras to our Network Video Recorders and Digital Video Recorders.

    The NVR models our video below relates to are X2R4N, X2R8N, X2R16N and X2R32N however the set up process also applies to the X2R32EN Non-POE NVR and our Hybrid IP/AHD DVRs, for those models use the Indirect Connection method.


    The Xvision range of NVRs come with built in POE switches, this means a single cable connection is all that is required to power and connect a camera. This is a direct connection.

    The NVR can also connect to network connected IP cameras that are not directly connected to the NVR, they could be connected directly to a POE switch or router, or via a standard network point,  these are Indirect or Non-direct connections.

    The video above shows how to add both direct and indirectly connected cameras as well as a mix of both.

    It also shows a couple of simple fixes if the image doesn't appear after adding cameras.

    Note: Some of the sequences have been sped up for the sake of your boredom, please be patient when adding cameras, it can take up to 1 minute to search and add.

  • 4/8 Channel 4 Megapixel NVRs - What to do if the cameras are connected but the screens are black

    This guide will help you fix the issue that can arise for customers with the 4 and 8 camera 4 megapixel NVRs from Xvision where the cameras are set up and connected but the image is blank.

    This is caused by the 4 and 8 camera NVR being programmed the same way as the 16 and 32 camera versions of the NVR. The 16 and 32 camera versions use H265 video compression whereas the 4 and 8 channel NVR use H264.

    So all you need to do is change the setting from H265 to H264  on both Mainstream and Substream and its done...

    Go to the main menu then select RECORD

    Now select MAINSTREAM and select the camera number that has a black screen and change the BITRATE CONTROL setting to H264 and then SAVE.

    Next select SUBSTREAM and do the same again, and SAVE



    After a few moments the camera picture should appear.

    Now do the same with any other cameras with the same issue.

    I hope that helps, please give the office a call if you have any questions about this article.
  • Caught on Camera - Delivery Driver "dropping off" a package

    Many thanks to Fay for sending us this video recorded on her HD CCTV system.

    The video shows a naughty delivery driver making a drop off to Fays house.


    Fay was looking forward to receiving the rare delicate china teapot, and now she has it in kit form.

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