XIQ-WBJ-W/G. IQCCTV Wall Mount Bracket for IQCCTV & Xvision Cameras, 1 Year Warranty.

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✅ Designed for a range of IQCCTV & XVISION Cameras
✅ Cable Managed Bracket
✅ Includes Camera Junction Box
✅ 1 Year Warranty


  • Wall mount bracket designed for the following models:
    IQCCTV - White Models
    IQC1080VV-W, IQC5000V-W-2, IQC5000VV-W-2
    IQCCTV - Grey Models
    IQC1080VV-G, IQC5000VV-G-2
    XVISION - White Models
    X4C2000VV-W, X4C5000V-W, X4C5000VM-W, X5C5000VM-W
    XVISION - Grey Models
    X4C5000VM-G, X5C5000VM-G
  • Allows for supported IQCCTV and XVISION cameras to be wall mounted but installed as if it was hanging from a ceiling, this offers greater flexibility for viewing directly down a wall