SENTRY IR - Automatic Contactless Infrared Temperature Detector with CCTV Recording and App notifications

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Accurate body temperature readings, facial image recording and alerting via app notifications.

Recommended for:
Entrances and exits with a high volume of traffic

What is it
Portable thermometer provides highly accurate body temperature readings with 5MP camera for recording facial image and enabling app notifications of abnormal temperatures.


Why it's special
  • Easy Set-up, Remote Temperature Detection and alerting system
  • On-board camera storage enables capture of facial image and email notifications
  • Fast, safe & economic method for temperature checking high footfall areas
  • Save human resources and valuable time
Main Features:


Rapid Deployment

This portable Temperature Detection kit is easily and quickly deployed as a standalone system - everything you need for quick, highly accurate temperature reading and recording anywhere.

Simple to Use

Quickly and easily identify individuals with a higher than normal temperature that may be symptomatic of fever. Abnormal temperatures trigger the camera to record a facial image and send an email notification.

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