OBSERVER. FEVERSHIELDS People Counting and Capacity/Flow Control Solution, 1 Year Warranty. *Special Order Item*

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✅ Easily Track and Manage Incoming Customer Levels
✅ Designed for a Single Door Solution Entrance or Exit
✅ Displays Occupancy Levels for Customers with a Simple Traffic Light System
✅ System Can be Expanded up to 256 Entry Points
✅ Easy and Quick to Deploy
✅ 1 Year Warranty
✅ *Special Order Item*, usually ships in 14 to 21 days


  • Includes easy to use intelligent CMS software which works with the cameras built in video analytics, this allows you track and manage incoming customer levels in a location. This controls traffic for a less crowded safer environment, with the ability to detect a person even when wearing a face mask.
  • Real time occupancy levels will help keep your staff and customers safe
  • The user can set the occupancy threshold for the premises and will allow unrestricted access until the preset value is reached. At this point the system will control the flow of people entering and leaving.
  • With real-time video people counting capability enabling occupancy levels on the premises there is no need for staff to be involved in the process. Save Time. Save Money!