MS-K01. MILESIGHT NVR & PTZ Network Keyboard Controller, 2 Year Warranty. *Special Order Item*

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✅ LCD Display
✅ 4 Axis Joystick for PTZ Control lens
✅ Supports up to 110 Devices
✅ 2 Year Warranty
✅ *Special Order Item*, usually ships in 14 to 21 days


  • Built in LCD display for easy management and control of MILESIGHT NVRs and PTZ Cameras
  • 4 axis variable speed joystick allows for full control of cameras that support pan, tilt and zoom movements
  • With a built in webserver and managed by a web browser the keyboard can be connected anywhere on the same network for controlling of NVR and PTZ cameras
  • Shortcut keys allow for quick control of camera and NVR functions such as presets, patrol, patterns, snapshop, audio, playback, stop, pause, speed up and speed down.