HALO - High Footfall Face Detection Access Control System with Mask Detection and Thermal Camera Temperature Detection

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Fast and accurate body temperature readings, face detection and access control integration.

Recommended for:
Entrances and exits with high volume of traffic and side angle coverage

What is it?

HALO offers both face recognition and temperature measurement. It has a built-in infra red temperature sensor for forehead or wrist and a camera for facial recognition and is able to detect and process images much faster than most other products. It also supports mask detection, gives voice commands and has a dedicated app for high temperature alerts. It can be linked to door releases and access control systems.
Temperature sensor range: Up to 1.2 metres

Why it's special

  • Fast detection - 0.05s, the fastest on the market
  • Long Detection Range - 0.3m to 1.2m
  • High Accuracy - (±0.2°C forehead temperature)
  • 99% Face recognition - the best solution for access control
  • Powerful AI Chipset shortens the detection time
  • Best Algorithm - can detect people even with a mask on
  • Can deny access if the subject is not wearing a mask
  • Human detection- dual-lens cameras eliminate errors
  • Standalone, Local Server or Cloud Server applications

INTEGRATION - We offer optional door release kits for various door types.

MOUNTING - We offer optional 0.55 metre and 1.1 metre floor stands.

Main Features

Cutting-edge Technology

The HALO adopts an all-new AI chipset, large thermal sensor array and latest algorithm, providing the cutting-edge face recognition and body temperature detection, with the ability to detect a person even when wearing a face mask.

Highly accurate readings

The HALO provides both face detection and thermal imaging in one highly effective unit. It detects forehead temperature to within ± 0.2-0.3°C and is up to >99% accurate when used for facial recognition.

A Solution for Every Application

The HALO is suited to use in almost any environment. As a standalone unit it can be accessed by Smartphone or PC. Multiple units can be linked to a Local Server or Cloud Access.

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