DEFENDER - Walkthrough Metal Detector with Infrared Temperature Detection and Face Detection Access Control System

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Fast and accurate body temperature readings, metal detection and facial recognition.

Recommended for:
Entrances with a high volume of traffic.

What is it?
Walkthrough temperature scanner with metal detector provides non-contact temperature measurement and facial recognition.


Why it's special
  • Highly sensitive metal detector can pinpoint locations of metals, adjustable sensitivity levels allow effective detection of banned objects
  • The numbers of alarms and people passing the gate are displayed on LCD screen in real time
  • Multiple detection zones can pinpoint locations of multiple metal objects and sound alarms simultaneously
  • Password protection can prevent unauthorised configuration
  • Non-contact temperature measurement on the wrist, can sound an alarm when a high temperature is detected
  • 30-45°C Temperature Measurement Range, accurate to 0.1°C
  • Can link temperature with personal information to filter people with abnormal temperature
  • Face recognition using deep learning algorithm model, face recognition accuracy >99%, false recognition <1%

Main Features:

Perfect for high volume areas

Suitable for the control of crowded places since it can avoid the risk of missing detection and cross infection. Easy to read visual display provides automatic updated pass through number and alarm indication.

Highly accurate temperature readings

The DEFENDER features two temperature detectors sited at 1.5m and 1.2m high for ease of use.

Metal detection function keeps you safe

Sophisticated metal detection sensing circuitry using 4 pairs of infra red emitters and receivers remove the possibility of blind spots.

Rapid deployment and easy to use

The DEFENDER is extremely versatile and is perfect for use in busy public places, schools, transport, sports stadia and government buildings.

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