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Our range of products has been carefully chosen to provide solutions for home and business owners alike. We supply WiFi products that help to optimise wireless systems; boosting both signal strength and area of coverage and network products connecting two or more devices either by cables (wired) or WiFi (wireless) - with the purpose of transmitting, exchanging or sharing data and resources.

WiFi Mesh Systems & Extenders provide faster speeds enabling you to connect more devices without the signal dropping or to extend the area of operation, whilst powerline adapters provide secure wired networks for desktops, smart TVs or games consoles. We also supply solutions for outdoor applications allowing signal optimisation in any environment.

You build a network using hardware (e.g., routers, switches, access points, and cables) and software (e.g., operating systems or business applications). Routers are virtual or physical devices that facilitate communications between different networks. Switches manage device-to-device communication inside a network, ensuring that bundles of information traveling across the network reach their ultimate destination.

A LAN (local area network) connects computers in a defined physical space, like an office building, whereas a WAN (wide area network) can connect computers across continents.
Our team are always happy to talk about both WiFi and Networking solutions, call them on 020 8126 6666.



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