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The Coronavirus Pandemic has highlighted the risks that commercial premises of all types face from viruses. Even more common and less dangerous viral infections like Norovirus and Influenza can cause widespread disruption in commercial premises.

We supply business solutions that detect the early signs of viruses and provide an additional layer of protection above the standard safety solutions that commercial premises currently class as critical. Our range comprises hand-held devices, walk-through terminals and thermal cameras that are all suitable for fever detection. Smart access control systems are perfect for offices and larger organisations with lots of staff, whilst capacity control systems are well suited for gyms and retail premises. Social distancing and signage products can be used just about anywhere and can be enhanced with screens, where a physical barrier is needed for staff safety and protection.

Our comprehensive range of Fever Protection products enables us create customised solutions for any business.
If you’re considering Fever Protection measures for your workplace, call our dedicated team on 020 8126 6666.



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