Design Your Own CCTV Kit

Design your own bespoke CCTV kit and save 10%:

Step 1. Select the resolution and technology type for your CCTV Kit

Step 2. Select the items you require from the list below

Step 3. At the checkout use the the coupon code KIT to receive your 10% discount.


1. To qualify for a 10% discount you must select a minimum of 3 items from the list below.

2. Every camera will need a cable and power. The power supply listed will power 4 cameras. For every additional 4 cameras you will need an additional power supply.

3. Don't forget to add Junction Boxes, these will protect the connections and also make the install neater and increase security.

4. IP, Deterrent and AI Video Analytics Cameras are powered by the recorder (except the OAHD-SL22-W Speed Dome, this is supplied with a power supply for powering locally).

5. Our recorders are not supplied with an HDMI lead, however the monitor shown is supplied with an HDMI lead, so if you are using your own monitor you will need an HDMI lead.

6. We are here to help - give us a call if you need assistance!

If you require a quote on a kit combination that is not shown (eg. longer cables, mixing technologies etc...), or need advice then please call 020 8126 6666.

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