Residential Site Survey - Site1

Residential Site Survey - Site1
Excl. Tax: £65.00 Incl. Tax: £78.00
If you require more than 8 cameras, or your building has more than 2 floors, then we will need to conduct a site survey before we can provide a quotation for CCTV installation. Please purchase this package for one of our engineers to visit you, conduct a site survey and produce a bespoke quotation based on your requirements.
Please purchase the system separately

See our 8 Camera HDIP range or our 8 Camera A-HD range
Excludes Highlands and Islands - Please call us on 01952 505 696 if you require an installation in these regions, or you are unsure




Take control of your installation:

If you decide to order a site survey you will be contacted by our installer partners TSG in your local area to arrange a mutually convenient time to visit your premises. The installer will discuss your requirements and advise on the following:
Amount of cameras required.
The installer will walk the site to determine how many cameras are needed to obtain the coverage required and their locations.
Style of camera to suit the project.
You will be advised on the different style and colour of cameras available to obtain the best views keeping in mind the aesthetics of the property.
Connecting the system.
You will be advised on the best way to route cables between cameras and recording equipment and general connectivity of the system.
System operation.
You will be advised on the features and benefits of the system including operation and best practice.
Quotation for installation.
You will be emailed a quotation for equipment including installation of the system. If you decide to go ahead with the installation you will receive a credit for the cost of the site survey against your final bill.

Installation service:
If you decide on installation our partners TSG will do the following:

Installation of cameras and weatherproof all connections.
Installation of cable to suite the customers options.
Installation of recording and control equipment.
Set up and focus cameras for best views.
Set up recording and control equipment to customer requirements.
Connect system to network and configure remote devices.


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