HD- IP PTZ 2MP, 20X zoom- Xvision XC1080S20

HD- IP PTZ 2MP, 20X zoom- Xvision XC1080S20

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The XC1080S20 sits at the top of the Xvision XC range of HD-IP cameras, featuring a Sony 2.43 megapixel sensor this high profile pan/tilt/zoom delivers crisp full HD 1080P.

The 20 X optical zoom give a viewing angle between 49º wide to 1º when zoomed in, a further 16 X digital zoom is also available.

Large in size this IP66 rated robust camera is deigned to work in all weather between -25º to +60ºc and offers real presence, suitable for large domestic properties, industrial estates, car parks, football stadiums or anywhere you require a high profile visible deterant as well as stunning picture quality.

The XC1080S20 will see under low light but will not see under no light conditions.

The camera is ONVIF 2.2 compatible and comes with free 36 camera windows software or can be accessed via web browser or controlled directly from any Xvision XRN range of network video recorders.

Control features include high speed (up to 300° per second) Japanese Brushless Motor for fast, accurate and reliable Panning and Tilting as well as being able to set presets for camera positions and tours for constant patrol.

Please take time to watch the video as it shows this high end camera in action, watch in HD1080 Full Screen.


  • Amazing 1080P resolution Full HD picture quality for over 6x the resolution of Analogue CCTV systems and over 3x the resolution of 720P CCTV systems
  • Sony 1080P Full HD 2.1 Megapixel Sensor and WDR DSP
  • Real Time 30fps streaming at up to 1920x1080 resolution, using H264 or MJPEG compression
  • Dual Streaming for efficient bandwidth management 
  • Xvision V1K, ONVIF Profile S and ONVIF 2.20 compatible
  • 4.7 to 94mm Auto Focus 20x Zoom lens for selecting any viewing angle between 1 and 49°, with Auto Iris function for better image quality in difficult lighting conditions
  • IR sensitive with True Day/Night (ICR)
  • Digital Slow Shutter for 0.0003 lux light sensitivity and accurate colour reproduction 
  • Digital Image Stabilising for vibration free images and Zoom Sensitive High Speed Pan Tilt Motor for precision control
  • Web interface for live viewing and setup of all features, including Automatic Gain Control, Defog, Digital Noise Reduction, Digital Slow Shutter (0.0003 lux), PoE, Privacy Masking, Wide Dynamic Range
  • Dynamic Privacy Masking for masking parts of the area being viewed
  • Simple P2P setup plus free Android and iOS apps for viewing from smart devices and free Windows CMS software for recording and viewing multiple cameras
  • 255 Presets, 8 Guard Tours and 8 Cruise Patterns
  • 1 Alarm Outputs and 1 Alarm Inputs built in (which can be linked to trigger individual Preset positions)
  • Audio Input/Output
  • High Speed (100MB) Port
  • Tamper resistant design with no exposed cables or lens
  • Heavy Duty Metal Housing for extra protection in harsh environments
  • Weather proof to IP66 with integrated Fan, Heater and Wiper
  • Optional 3 Year Warranty available (Choose Extended Warranty

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Xvision Pro HD
Model XC1080S20-IRN
Camera Type PTZ
Power over Ethernet No
Weather Resistant Yes
Vandal Resistant No
Motorised Panning Yes
Audio Input only
Digital Zoom Yes
Dimensions 288 x 371 x 288 (WxHxD) mm
Warranty 1 Year
Image Sensor Type 1/3 inch 2.43 Sony Megapixel sensor
Image Sensor Resolution 2 Megapixel
Night Vision None
Viewing Angle 1 to 49º motorised zoom
Lens Type 4.45 to 89mm
Video Compression H264
Video Streams main + sub
Stream Types No
Video Resolution 2 Mega Pixel
Video Resolution 1080P
Frame Rates 25 FPS
Network Connection RJ 45
Wi-Fi No
Browser Support Internet Explorer
Mobile Phone Support Android, iPhone
User Authentication Yes
Simultaneous Viewers 10
Power Consumption 65W Maximum
Operating Voltage 12v



How HD-IP CCTV Systems are Wired and Powered


IP Device Search - How to use

Xvisions IP Device Search tool allows you to search for and adjust the IP settings for Xvision IP Cameras and NVRs.

When you purchase an IP Camera or NVR from us there is a mini-cd rom disc in the box.

The video below explains how to install and use the Xvision IP Device Search tool supplied on the mini CD Rom. 


Adding HD-IP Cameras to the Xvision PC Software

This video shows how to add your NVR or IP cameras to the PC software supplied with our HD-IP Equipment.

This applies to the following models..

Cameras - Any of the XC model cameras (XC1080BP, XC1080VVP etc)

NVRs - Any of the XRN range of Network Video Recorder (XRN0808E, XRN1609 etc)

Lets talk about IP

Confused about IP?

IP stands for Internet Protocol, it relates to any device that uses a computer network, anything that connects to a broadband box in the home or office. 

An IP Address is a unique number given to a networking device somewhere on a network. No two devices can have the same IP address on a network. Every device connected to a network must have an IP address in order to work.

There are some IP Addresses that are reserved for internal use by routers, these usually begin 192.168.xxx.xxx

An example of an internal network IP address would be

The router can allocate any address between - to connected devices.

To go to an IP address you would use a Web Browser such as Internet Explorer, or Firefox or Safari etc. 

So far we have only spoken about Internal IP addresses, these only work from the same building on the same network, but what about if you want to connect to a device in another building,or another town, or another country?  Then you need to know about External IP addresses.


An external IP address is a unique number given to you by your internet supplier, it is your unique internet "telephone number".

How to find out what YOUR external IP address is…go to http://www.whatismyip.com, there it will tell you what your IP address is.

Most domestic internet suppliers provide what is called a Dynamic IP service, this means that they can change your IP address whenever they choose to do so, you are at their mercy.  This is not good for use with a CCTV system as you need to know your IP address to log into your cameras.

Some companies offer a Fixed IP address service for an additional fee, a fixed IP address never changes, this type is perfect for use with a CCTV system.

There is a way to fool the system to thinking you have a fixed IP address when you don't...

This method is called DNS, which stands for Dynamic Name System.

This involves signing up with an external website, http://www.No-IP.com is one such DNS website. Once signed up it tracks any changes to your Dynamic IP Address and updates its records.

Both of these services will give you a unique name for your external IP Address, an example of a DNS address is http://davescctv.no-ip.com, this is easier to remember than a load of numbers and most importantly once it is set up correctly it will track your Dynamic IP address changes and update them so you can always log into your cameras using the http://davescctv.no-ip.com IP address

Why no WiFi?

We have a lot of our customers asking and searching for WiFi products on our website only to find we do not do these at present. We are currently researching the market place for reliable products in this range.

In this day and age WiFi is sold as quick and easy solution for most computing needs and indeed is fantastic, unfortunately an issue arises when you start to add items that require a lot of data such as IP CCTV cameras, this limitation is due to the WiFi Bandwidth.

Here at hdcctv.co.uk we only sell High Definition IP cameras and for this reason they require more than the average bandwidth. Here are some geeky facts.

  • 0.5-2 Mbps: Is enough for all your basic chatting and mailing services, though it will slow down some content-heavy websites.

  • 4-5 Mbps: Is enough for handling all websites and basic video streaming.

  • 20+ Mbps: This is the minimum you need to even consider HD streaming. Even though, the typical bandwidth of a 720p IP CCTV camera is 3-5 Mbps, your router needs to compensate for dropouts, other connected clients and buffering.

  • 50+ Mbps: Enough for 1080p IP CCTV cameras.

One IP camera streaming at 1080P in realtime requires a minimum bandwidth of 8 Mbps

The most common type of wireless router is 802.11b and although new standards and speeds are being developed these take time to feed out into the market place. The typical peak throughput (sustained data rate) of an 802.11b wireless connection under ideal conditions for end user data is roughly 4-5 Mbps. This level of performance assumes a wireless client in very close proximity (within a few meters) of the base station or other communication endpoint. Due to the distance-sensitive nature of Wi-Fi signalling, 802.11b throughput numbers will decrease the client moves further away from the base station.

Please note I am not talking about internet speed as this is measured in Megabytes per second and all the figures are based on Megabits per secound, on average a single 1080P full HD realtime image from a IP camera will use approximately 1 Megabyte of internet bandwidth.

This brings us back to the heading “Why no WiFi”, as we are selling security products we can not afford for equipment to drop off networks and fail, the equipment we sell must be fit for purpose and WiFi can not guarantee this at present for all applications. When it does we will be the first people to shout about it.

However we do offer a wireless solution in the form of Ethernet over mains adapters, These units simply plug into a mains socket next to your router, they even have a plug socket on the back so you are not taking up a mains socket on the wall. Connect a wire from the adapter to your router and you have now turned all you mains wiring into network wiring. Plug another adapter within 100 metres on the same mains ring, press the simple connect button on the adapter and there is your network point to plug the camera into. Perfect for streaming HD IP cameras and with a bandwidth of 200Mbps multiple units can be used on the same mains ring for wireless distribution around your premises.


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