At HDCCTV we strive to offer the absolute highest quality of products to satisfy all of your CCTV and security requirements. We pride ourselves in offering excellent advice and exceptional customer service to our clients at all times.

All of our products come with lifetime phone support, so if you ever have any issues or queries with our equipment, you can rest assured that we are always available to help out where required.

Unlike many other retailers in CCTV, we produce high quality videos of each product to properly demonstrate it to you before you make the decision to buy. Many of the equivalent products available cheaply on the high street simply don’t record with anywhere near the same clarity and quality as our equipment. So, with HDCCTV you get to see exactly what the equipment is capable of before you make any purchasing decisions, which is invaluable when you compare us to the rest of the industry.

With more than 20 years experience in the business of CCTV, our staff have seen CCTV evolve from VCR recorders with quad screen splitters, to the fully online 32 channel products we offer today. As a consequence, we have the experience and expertise to help you acquire the right system for your security needs.




Patrick  - Product Manager, Sales

Colin - Technical Manager, Sales

Gary - Customer Support, Sales

Pat has at least 20 years solid experience within the CCTV industry. He is also a keen photographer, a grandfather, and a strong believer in karma – “treat people how you wish to be treated yourself”. This philosophy plays to Pat’s strengths as an excellent ambassador of great customer service.

Col has worked in the field of CCTV for a little over 10 years now, working for a major CCTV company before joining HDCCTV. He has also previously run an Audio Video company, giving him technical experience and expertise on an unprecedented level.

Gary has an incredibly strong customer support background, with over 16 years of experience as a customer services representative. Working mainly in CCTV as well as in roles for companies such as BskyB, he has the technical edge to quickly provide the support our customers need.