At HDCCTV we strive to offer the highest quality equipment, backed up with good old fashioned great service and honest advice to our customers, we believe in treating our customers exactly as we would like to be treated when we are customers ourselves.

We believe that as you are looking at video products you should see a recording from that product BEFORE you spend your hard earned cash, so many people buy from the cheapest high street stores and instantly regret it once they see how poor the recordings are, this is why we produce a video for each product showing actual recordings using our products.



2015 a retrospective

2015 has been a been a very busy year, here are a few things we have achieved.

New website: You will see from our website we have chosen to offer a clear site focused on making sure we deliver as much information to the buyer pre purchase as possible. We resisted filling the site with flashing banners and sales offers, instead opting to show the quality of our products and the images achieved. You will find video footage from all our cameras as we have confidence and pride in the products we sell. Once a product is purchased the customer can return to the site for video tutorials showing tech tips, set up guides and other useful post sales information under the support tab on each product. We understand distance selling technical equipment requires support and as you browse our site you will find we have that in abundance.

Moved premises: After 15 years in our Telford warehouse I must say I was not sad to leave that cold dark place and into our bright and warm new sales office out in the countryside. The old warehouse had seen better days and with the advent of modern central warehousing and distribution was no longer needed. Our dedicated sales and technical office is now based at Kingswood Business Park.

New Products: Over the last year there has been an explosion of new technologies to get HD 1080P over coax, but in the race various manufacturers have developed independent technologies and has the danger of the VHS Vs BETAMAX dilemma as to which one will win out. TVI and CVI technologies have been developed by two separate manufacturers and are not compatible with each other and is unclear if they are backward compatible with older CCTV systems. We have chosen to ignore these technologies for the moment in favour of AHD which is a open source technology and is fully backward compatible with older style analogue CCTV equipment and does not risk being on the loosing side of a tech war.

HD-IP is also keeping ahead of coax based systems this year with the release of our new 4 Megapixel range giving twice the resolution possible on a coax based system, incorporation of the new H.265 compression means less bandwidth and storage is required, new video analytics is starting to creep in still making HD-IP the futureproof equipment to buy.

The new range of recorders share the same GUI menu structure and features for both AHD and HD-IP, both use the same CMS software which is available for PC and MAC computers as well as the same XIQ Mobile CMS app for smart phones and tablets, the P2P feature makes for very easy connection to remote devices.
With all of these new products and technologies we still offer the most competitive pricing structure for the quality and technology on the internet. Which is nice.

The Main Players:

Patrick  - Product Manager, Sales


"I am a grandfather on the grey side of middle age with a passion for photography, a background in electronics and 20 years experience in the CCTV industry.

I am a believer in Karma and my philosophy is “treat people how you wish to be treated”, although this has not made me a rich man I snore soundly at night.

So if you want honest advice give me a call on 01952 505696"


Colin - Technical Manager, Sales

"I have been in the CCTV industry for little over 10 years now, working in sales and technical support for a major cctv company that pioneered HD-SDI high definition CCTV and IP Network HDCCTV as well as standard analog cctv equipment before moving to the awesome company who's website you are looking at now.  

Prior to working at HDCCTV I used to run an Audio Visual company, we hired and operated video systems, sound and lighting equipment for conferences, meetings, conferences, and video productions, the skills i acquired are useful in advising customers that are buying our High Definition equipment for non-security uses, for example a few theatres have our equipment installed for live relay and recording of stages.

Gary - Customer support, Sales


Hi, I'm Gary,  

I'm the youngest in the office happy to say albeit soon to be knocking on the big 4-0's door. 

Been in and out of CCTV industry for little over 10 years now, always find myself back with Patrick and Colin somehow. 

Worked in Sales and customer service for over 16 years now mainly in  CCTV and some time spent working for BSkyB. 

I pride myself in my customer relations and also endeavour to help and support new and existing customer thoroughly .

So if you would like some good honest advise or support don’t hesitate to call me on 01952 505696 or email me [email protected]